Professional Service

Consultant Services

Our team of consultants integrates with your staff to provide complete care for residents and help your facility maintain compliance with all regulations.

  • Pharmacy consulting by geriatric certified pharmacist.
  • Monthly nurse consulting by a licensed RN/NHA. Bi-monthly regulatory consulting by a licensed RN.
  • In-Depth and comprehensive pharmacy consulting incorporating Quality Indicators, Resident Assessment Protocol, Unnecessary Drugs Protocol, and Inappropriate medications for the Elderly.

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Medical Records

We do not require that your facility fit into our medical records system rather we will customize our medical records to fit your facility’s needs.

  • Maintenance and production of all medical records
  • Electronic Medical Administration Records and Treatment Administration Records.
  • Production of a monthly Gayco Book. (a monthly summary of 28 categorized medications/ancillary services to help facility stay compliant and on top of any QA targets)

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Cycle Fill

Gayco Healthcare provides automatic cycle fill for our customer's convenience. A 28-day cycle fill for Medicaid and Private Pay residents and a 7-day cycle fill for Medicare residents.

  • We ensure that all non-narcotic routine blister packed medications are available for each timely administration.
  • Medication is packed in the blister cards that are non-narcotic in nature and given routinely will be cycle-filled every 28 days.
  • All cycle fill medications will be kept in the same location on the med cart and will not be grouped with other non-cycle medications.
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Additional Services

  1. On-site medical records review and consultation by our medical records supervisor.
  2. Professional and courteous service.
  3. Contract with a local pharmacy to provide new prescriptions between deliveries, if needed.
  4. 24 hours per day, 365 days per year emergency service and delivery.
  5. Medication that is ordered before 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and before 4:00 p.m. on Saturday is delivered before 11:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. that night, respectively. (This schedule can be adjusted to meet your facilities needs.)
  6. Deliveries are monitored through the use of delivery receipts to assure delivery and enhance tracking of medications dispensed.
  7. Solid, oral medications will be supplied in 30 to 90 count punch cards with clear blisters and reverse numbering for ease of inventory.
  8. Liquids will be supplied in plastic containers of varying sizes.
  9. IV admixture therapies supplied in bags ranging from 25 ml to 3000 ml, whichever fits the needs of the nursing facility.
  10. All solid, oral medications, with no stop dates, will be dispensed as a 7-day...

PheonixLTC STATSafe™

Through the STATSafe™ system, pharmacy and health care facilities work together to provide more responsive patient care, while providing internal efficiencies. Key advantages include:

  • Improved response time in filling stat patient prescription
  • Quicker access to required medications
  • Enhanced security and accountability
  • Accurate capture of medication charges
  • Improved survey compliance
  • Easy-to-learn intuitive software to facilitate fast and simple operation
  • Flexibility of cart design to suit facility needs
  • Gayco Healthcare replaces used/expired drugs for STATSafe™.
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