Provider Service

  1. On-site medical records review and consultation by our medical records supervisor.
  2. Professional and courteous service.
  3. Contract with a local pharmacy to provide new prescriptions between deliveries, if needed.
  4. 24 hours per day, 365 days per year emergency service and delivery.
  5. Medication that is ordered before 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and before 4:00 p.m. on Saturday is delivered before 11:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. that night, respectively. (This schedule can be adjusted to meet your facilities needs.)
  6. Deliveries are monitored through the use of delivery receipts to assure delivery and enhance tracking of medications dispensed.
  7. Solid, oral medications will be supplied in 30 to 90 count punch cards with clear blisters and reverse numbering for ease of inventory.
  8. Liquids will be supplied in plastic containers of varying sizes.
  9. IV admixture therapies supplied in bags ranging from 25 ml to 3000 ml, whichever fits the needs of the nursing facility.
  10. All solid, oral medications, with no stop dates, will be dispensed as a 7-day to 31-day supply. We try to make sure that the medication does not require more than two reorders per month. The reasoning behind this is to prevent excess work for your staff when reordering and to prevent excess work for your staff should a medication be discontinued and stored for destruction.
  11. Narcotic and controlled substances logs are provided to facilitate accountability.
  12. In-depth and comprehensive pharmacy consulting incorporating Quality Indicators, Resident Assessment Protocol, Unnecessary Drugs Protocol, and Inappropriate Medications for the Elderly (i.e. Dr Beers Protocol). A summation, which outlines current findings and plans of correction, is provided after each pharmacy consulting visit.
  13. Quality assurance review, in-service programs, MDS consultation, and nursing education provided by an RN consultant.
  14. Regulatory compliance review, Medicare/PPS compliance review and/or MDS compliance review provided by an LTC/RN consultant.
  15. On-site medical records review and consultation by our medical records supervisor.
  16. Our pharmacists are available for QA Meetings, Nursing Meetings, or Infection Control Meetings and to serve on any committee to help provide continuity of care.
  17. IV Therapy Review Course instructed by a Registered Nurse at our Oconee Fall Line Technical College Community Training Center.
  18. Electronic Medical Administration Records are available. Key advantages include:
  • Reduced Medpass time
  • Increased productivity
  • Internet connection with Gayco Healthcare provides real-time clinical information.
  • No pulling stickers. Ordering of refills done electronically during Medpass.

  1. If facility chooses, our staff will incorporate our Gayco Time Pass system into your facilities blister pack drug delivery system. Gayco Time Pass is used to increase accountability of medication and decrease med pass times and drug errors.
  2. Prescriptions are labeled in accordance with state and federal regulations and directions on the label will appear “as directed on Med-Cardex/MAR” or printed directions, whichever is requested by your nursing facility.
  3. One of our staff pharmacists will visit your facility at least once every 60 to 90 days, so that we can understand how our pharmacy can better serve your facility. This visit is separate from the monthly consultant services.
  4. To help lessen the burden on nursing staff, patient profiles will be kept on the pharmacy computer and will also be used to monitor compliance.
  5. We have the capability to adapt to any pharmacy regulation which your nursing facilities quality assurance committee has self-regulated.
  6. A pharmacist will be available 24 hours a day to answer any questions, either via telephone, facsimile, or in person.
  7. Our professional staff will always be available to work with your facility and provide any information or services needed.
  8. Any forms (i.e. medication administration records, physician order sheets, treatment sheets, insulin flow sheets, catheter flow sheets, etc.) that the staff of your nursing facility requires. Our state-of-the-art computer programs allow us to generate any consulting reports that might benefit your facility.
  9. Medication cart(s) for the nursing homes use and, if needed, a treatment cart(s) will also be supplied for use.
  10. Facsimile for your facilities prescription ordering, if needed. This will help streamline communication between the nursing home and pharmacy. (i.e. original medication orders, prescription refills, professional questions, etc.)
  11. Pharmacy has toll-free phone number and facsimile number to relieve the nursing home of any charges related to pharmacy.
  12. All of the supplies needed by your LTC facility, which pertains to the ordering of pharmaceutical supplies for Gayco patients, will be provided free of charge. (i.e. refill order sheets, controlled substances log sheets, etc.)
  13. Medical supplies, which are needed by facility, are available at low prices. (i.e. Robitussin, aspirin, milk of magnesia, dressings, enteral milk, urological, etc.) These supplies will be provided in sizes specified by your facility.
  14. Complete line of enteral, urological, wound care, ostomy, incontinence, and parenteral supplies.
  15. Full-line Medicare Part-B billing or Medicare Part-B contract billing. Medicare Part-B contract billing is a program we provide, so that each facility can best maximize their profits with minimum labor requirements.