Forms & References

There is a new section on Gayco Healthcare's Sharedwork site. This section is a collection of reference material and forms that are commonly requested. The section is called Forms & References.

Forms & References will include but is not limited to:

  • FrameworkLink User Guide - This guide consists of 50 pages and explains all sections of FrameworkLink.
  • PRN Stock Order Policy - Quick refrence containing Gayco Healthcare's PRN Stock Order Policy.
  • Table of Weights and Measures - Quick reference sheet of common weights and measures.
  • Stop Order Policy - Reference sheet containing Gayco Healthcare's Stop Order Policy.
  • Hours of Operation - Reference sheet listing Gayco Healthcare's hours of operation and procedures for ordering medication.
  • Form Viewer Download - ActiveX program for FrameworkLink that allows users to download forms.
  • Stat Order Form - Form that should be filled out and faxed, to pharmacy, in the event of a stat order needed before that night's delivery.

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