QIS - Staff Interview

The staff interview focuses on the care the residents receive daily, but may reveal where inconsistencies are between the resident’s plan of care and care received. Surveyors will speak with staff members, primarily licensed nurses who have direct contact with residents. During resident care meetings, make sure the following areas of resident care are discussed and made know to all nursing staff.

Focus resident care areas:

  • Cather use:  reason for use, Obstruction, Neurogenic bladder (Dx must be verified in the medical records), Stage III/IV  perineal/sacral pressure ulcer, terminal illness.
  • Nutritional Supplement:  document resident receives supplement, between or with meals.
  • Pressure ulcers: most advanced stage.
  • Side Rails.
  • Contractures: fixed high resistance to passive stretch of muscle.
  • Falls and Fractures, within the last 30 days.

1Make sure all Resident Care Plans reflect the above focus areas, if applicable.

2All CNA assignment sheets should reflect the above resident focus areas.

3As a daily part of managements resident care rounds, conduct random interviews of staff on these resident focus areas.

4Review the Staff Interview Forms from the QIS Manual.

(CMS-20051 - Staff Interview)