FrameworkLink is your direct connection to Gayco Healthcare. This powerful tool enables facilities to admit new residents, place orders, send messages, and run dynamic reports from a easy-to-use,secure website.

FrameworkLink features include:

  1. Improved communication and tracks messages.
  2. Enhances customer service and reduces the risk for error.
  3. Provides better patient flow with easy online processing.
  4. Customers can place orders,discontinue orders, and view order status.
  5. Customers can generate management reports, print forms, and medical records.
  6. Customers can request updates to pharmacy data for better demographic accuracy.
  7. Customers can enter new admissions, transfers, and discharge residents.

FrameworkLink is a tool that can provide clarity for the facility and allow for patient-centered care through enhanced communication with Gayco Healthcare. For more information about FrameworkLink and Gayco Healthcare, please contact us today.