QuickMAR User Interface

Quickmar CareSuite allows you to customize and track resident care including Medications, Treatments, Vitals, ADLs (activities of daily living), Behaviors, and Nurses Notes.

QuickMAR features include:

  1. eMAR
  2. ADL Charting
  3. Behavior Charting
  4. Inventory Tracking
  5. Charting Notes
  1. Linked to Pharmacy
  2. Electronic Messaging
  3. Facesheet Feature
  4. Recieve Meds
  5. Dispose of Meds
  1. Cycle Fill Check-In
  2. Barcode Scanning
  3. Alerts for Late Items
  4. Electronic Order Entry
  5. ePrescribing
QuickVIEW Dashboards
QuickView Management Dashboards for both the Pharmacy
and Facility provide instant visibility into your resident care administration metrics and key performance indicators. Your dashboard provides ‘actionable’ content that leads to fast and reliable decisions.

Internet Down? No Problem.
QuickMAR MedAssure® feature provides you the peace of to
know that your medication round will continue even when the internet is temporarily unavailable. When your internet link is restored, your data is automatically re-synced and updated, ensuring that your MAR and other charting is accurate.

With QuickMAR’s industry leading unified workflow, you can easily manage the entire medication lifecycle: new order entry by the pharmacy, order and delivery of medication, MAR updates, recording medication passes, medication destruction and returns, completing scheduled cycle fills, and communicating regularly with your pharmacy. In addition, you have the option to enable the same straightforward management flow for all the elements of resident care. For more information about QuickMAR and Gayco Healthcare, please contact us today.

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