Are You Up-To-Date with the New Pharmacy Regulations?

Are you up to date with the new pharmacy regulations? Most of the regulations are just rewritten, combining separate regulations into one. However there is a new section for the consultant pharmacist, tag 427, for over seeing the pharmacy services in the facility. Under this new section there are some items that your facility should already be addressing. However, during station reviews I find some of these things are being over looked.

Be sure that your nurses are dating the glucose control solutions when opening and the discard according to the package insert. This is usually one month but sometimes the package insert says 60 or 90 days. You must read the package insert to know what is right for your facility. Also, when using the inhalers it is important that the mouth piece is wiped off after use for infection control. You may use a tissue to do this as some inhalers can not have moisture introduced into them.

Please review your policy and procedures for how often to change the tubing on nebulizer machines. Make sure that you date the tubing when changing it. How often is the face mask change? Is this addressed in your policy and procedure and are you following your own policy? Be sure that your procedure for E-box use is posted in the med room or kept in your MAR binders for quick reference. This is stated in the State Operations Manual. We will be reviewing all of the new information in the State Operation Manual and the Federal Regulations Book to insure that your home is in compliance as always.