Medical Records


Our forms are designed to be clear, concise, and easy-to-read, and the information can be specific to the needs of the facility. A unique feature of our service is the ability to send each facility a series of reports every month. These reports can be customized for your facility to deliver a variety of information such as which patients are on antidepressants, which are on antibiotics, etc. Having all this information at your fingertips is an excellent way of providing a better quality of care for your residents. At Gayco, we strive to invent ways to make things easier and more efficient for the personnel at the facilities we serve. In our opinion, this ultimately leads to better patient care.

  1. New Admit / Readmit Sheet
  2. Physician Order Form
  3. Enteral Flow Sheet
  4. FSBS-SS-Insulin Flow Sheet
  1. Nebulizer Flow Sheet
  2. Treatment Sheet
  3. Medication Administration Record

Gayco Book

The Gayco Book is a tabulation of medication and non-medication reports that are nursing home specific. These reports are provided in two formats: electronically or in a neat and organized binder. Both formats have a table of contents and tabs. The pharmacy sends this book on the first day of each month. All reports, except one (Lab Order Report), are a complete picture of all orders in the nursing home for the previous month. The Lab Order Report shows the labs due for the current month.

  1. Anti-anxiety Drug Report
  2. Antibiotic Report
  3. Anti-coagulant Report
  4. Anti-depressant Drug Report
  5. Anti-psychotic Drug Report
  6. Diuretic Drug Report
  7. Hypnotic Drug Report
  8. Injectable Drug Report
  9. Minor Anti-coagulant Report
  10. Advanced Directives
  11. Allergies
  12. Catheter Order Report
  13. Crush Med Orders
  1. Diagnosis Report
  2. Dietary Supplements
  3. Dietary Report
  4. Enteral Order Report
  5. Finger Stick Blood Sugar Report
  6. Labs Due Monthly
  7. Lab Order Report
  8. Rehab Order Report
  9. Safety Device Report
  10. Support Hose Report
  11. Vital Signs Order Report
  12. Weight Order Report