Cycle Fill

Cycle fill eliminates the daily, continuous reordering of medication. It automatically sends the residents’ medications on a regular, scheduled basis, so that you spend less time reordering and more time caring for your patients. Approximately 85% or more of the medications in your cart will be on cycle fill.

There are two cycles to meet your facility’s needs:

  1. 7-day for Medicare Part A residents
  2. 28-day for all other patients.

These cycles will overlap every 28 days, so that on the 28th day you will receive the medications for all of your residents.

You will be provided with a calendar for each medication cart, so that you will know when your next delivery will arrive. Reordering will be at a minimum. For example reordering will occur if a dose is dropped.

Which medications are not on cycle fill:

  1. PRN
  2. Controlled Substances
  3. Non-oral (suppositories, eye/ear drops, IVs, IM vials, inhalers, nebulizer solutions, insulin, etc)
  4. Non-solid dosage forms (oral liquids, etc.)