Consultant Pharmacist Services

  1. The consultant pharmacist will provide the following services during a regular visit to the nursing facility:
  • Drug regimen review as required by federal and state regulatory agencies for all facility residents monthly, provided that each resident’s medication record and any other resources needed to provide such a review are readily available or retrievable during the course of the visit. An interim review shall occur provided that sufficient information is communicated to the consultant pharmacist to ensure an adequate review.
  • A medication station and or cart inspection shall occur at a frequency of no more than quarterly.
  • A pharmaceutical or regulatory-related education session shall be provided to facility staff upon request granted the session does not exceed two hours each quarter of the calendar year and the session is conducted during the regular visit.
  • Serve as a member of the quality assurance, quality improvement and/or pharmacy and therapeutics committee and perform assigned tasks pertinent to consultant pharmacist services.
  • Attend quality assurance or quality improvement committee meetings at a frequency of no more than quarterly within each calendar year.
  • Drug destruction shall be performed upon request from the appropriate facility staff, provided that all documentation for which the facility staff is responsible has been completed.

  1. The consultant pharmacist’s regular visit begins within the usual hours of operation of the facility administration to ensure face-to-face communication in the event that such need is realized. A regular visit may not exceed 50 certified nursing facility beds per eight hours.
  2. Consultant pharmacist services shall be available to the facility during federal and or state regulatory agency inspections, surveys, and or visits.
  3. Reports shall be provided to the nursing facility based on patient review, assigned tasks, or inspections that shall include, but not limited to, findings, suggestions, and or recommendations related to the medication usage, delivery administration, storage and or distribution within the scope of state and federal laws, guidelines, and or regulations pertaining to the provision of pharmaceutical services to long-term care facilities. Such reporting shall occur and may be limited to those reports available and or capable of being produced from the consultant pharmacist software database known as GeriMed Profiles. Such reporting may include, but is not limited to the following:
  • A compliance-based summary report of consultant pharmacist services in relation to existing state and federal laws, guidelines and or regulations
  • A summary of the types of recommendations occurring during the performance of consultant pharmacist services
  • An accounting of patients reviewed during the regular visit to the facility
  • A summary of pharmacist recommendations to the nursing staff
  • A summary of pharmacist recommendations to the physician staff
  • A summary of pharmacist recommendations to interdisciplinary team members, if applicable
  • Pharmacist letters or communications to the physicians