We follow NCCHC standards for pharmaceutical services. We understand the special needs of an inmate population, and we focus all of our attention meeting the needs of your facility.


  1. Complete line of pharmaceuticals including over-the-counter (OTC), prescription, and OTC items packaged for bulk sale.
  2. We provide start-up orientation of pharmacy services for medical staff and designated facility officers.
  3. We keep computerized profiles of individual patient records.
  4. We provide educational in-services to medical staff and officers based on facility needs.

Consulting and Special Services

  1. A Pharmacist or Registered Nurse will visit the facility monthly, quarterly, or yearly based on need and population.
  2. We provide for the removal documentation and destruction of non-controlled drugs that are provided by our pharmacy.
  3. Pharmacy inspections are provided as a courtesy for our detention facilities to: insure proper storage, handling, documentation, maintenance of records, review procedures needed to facilitate good pharmacy-nursing services, also provide documentation and disposal of drugs according to Federal, State, and NCCHC standards.
  4. Certified reports are sent to the designated facility official or medical staff noting deficiencies found on inspection and providing suggestions for improvement.
  5. We provide the use of a medication cart.
  6. We provide the use of a facsimile machine.
  7. Medical supplies, staff support, and next day delivery